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1. SZR MIXTAPE VOL. 6 - Tappu

  • Published: 2015-05-07T09:36:34Z
  • By SZR

Tappu, Sri Lanka via Maldives DJ and the blossoming Ripple Vibes nights(SL) head honcho brings us a seamless mix of 160 bpm, Jungle and footwork mutations from Om unit, Sam Binga, Dub Phizix etc for the 6th edition of our Mixtape series. BIG! Hit Download! Tracklist: 1. Talkin' by Bob Marley 2. Deeper Love (Original Mix) by Dub Phizix, Skeptical 3. Codec by Dub Phizix 4. The Crossing (Original Mix) by Om Unit 5. Peace & Dub (Original Mix) >> Back It Up (Original Mix) by MC Fats, Die & Break >> Rider Shafique, Fracture, Sam Binga 6. Out There >> She Want It Ruff (Original Mix) by Dub Phizix >> Rider Shafique, Fracture, Sam Binga 7. Sonargaon by Daniel Masson 8. Sticky Fingers feat. Alex Vargas (Om Unit Remix) by Above & Beyond, Alex Vargas 9. Keep Bussin' (Om Unit Remix) by Slick Shoota 10. Nuff Music (Original Mix) by Om Unit, Moresounds 11. Por-Do-Sol >> Bardo Realms (Original Mix) by Cellar 55 >> Om Unit 12. Chasic (Original Mix) by Sam Binga 13. Dancing Feat (Sinistarr Remix) by Random Movement 14. Steppin feat. Redders (Original Mix) by Deft, Sam Binga, Redders 15. Tek Nuh Chat feat. Redders (Original Mix) by Sam Binga, Redders 16. h3xx (Original Mix) by Sinistarr 17. Love Sundered (Sinistarr Remix) >> Weather Storm by Silent Dust >> Craig Armstrong 18. Joanie's Theme (Original Mix) by FD. Lenzman 19. Break It (Original Mix) >> Bubble (Original Mix) by Dub Phizix >> Rider Shafique, Fracture, Sam Binga 20. The Chant (Original Mix) >> AYO feat. Redders (Original Mix) by Sinistarr, Silent Dust >> Sam Binga, Redders 21. Slowly (Original Mix) by Upgrade 22. Like It Is (You & Me) (Original Mix) by Elliott Mac 23. Terrible Mystery by Dayni 24. Elastic (Original Mix) >> Twenty One And Beyond (Original Mix) by Sam Binga >> Coleco 25. Freezy (Original Mix) by Sam Binga 26. 8Barr (Original Mix) Sam Binga 27. Rzor (DJ Friction Remix) >> Lef Dem (Enei Remix) feat. Redders by Addison Groove, Sam Binga >> Enei, Sam Binga, Redders 28. 6th Element (Dub Phizix Remix) by Treo, Judda 29. Heart, Soul And Mind (Original mix) >> Black and Neon (Original Mix) by Dub Phizix >> Coleco 30.Tryptamine (Original Mix) >> Onon Mweng (Rainbird) by Coleco >> Oliver Shanti & Friends 31. Induction (Original Mix) by Coleco 32. Scum >> Bad Dreams (Coleco Remix) by Dub Phizix >> Fanu 33. Go To Nowhere (Enei Remix) by Eastcolors 34. They're Wrong (Calibre Remix) by Break

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