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2. Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)

Thinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)

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nothing at of , which is


  • Published: 2015-09-19T17:03:59Z
  • By MC TH


nothing at of , which is

4. Adventure Club - Wonder (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Adventure Club - Wonder (The Chainsmokers Remix)

THE ONLY way you will ever get this song will be if you buy the Vinyl Record on April 19th (well sort of...also coming out on iTunes April 29th), which happens to be National Record Stay day as Adventure Club attempts to save the Vinyl Record Business with a very limited edition Vinyl release that will include this remix on it as well as some other exclusives... Quickie from us: Well we love Adventure club and have admired them for a long time. the guys are personable, make great music and are pretty good looking... In many ways we feel we are the same haha jokes, but Adventure were one of the few artists who reached out to us when we started and were cool and supported our music, so when they hit us up about remixing Wonder our fav track off their last album we couldn't resist, that and we want to collab with them so we really had no other option. That said, we think the remix turned out great, we actually see a little bits of our previous work in it, little nods to Around us and Julian. In the end we hope we did the track justice infusing it with a tasteful amount of uptempo progressive house while still remaining true to our style." Quickie from Adventure Club: "The Chainsmokers are like a better version of us... With their bigger dee's, better hair, and they make way more intelligent conversation and can easily out drink us on their worst day, We love them' SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST: @AdventureClub The Kite String Tangle FUN FACT(s): 1) If Alex and Drew fought Leighton and Christian, Alex and Drew would win 2) If The Chainsmokers and Adventure club were raffled off in a auction to raise money, The Chainsmokers would bring in more money 3) One time The Chainsmokers lent Adventure club money cause they are poor, and didnt even ask for the money back when they got rich... 4) Adventure Club may appear to be more popular numerically across all social media platforms but thats really some illuminati shit... 5) We Love Adventure Club very much :) MANAGEMENT: ADAM@4AM.TV THECHAINSMOKERSOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM BOOKING: BOOKINGS@THECHAINSMOKERS.COM INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US AT: Go LIKE our page:

nothing at of , which is

6. Good Weed Bad Bitch - K Camp

Good Weed Bad Bitch - K Camp

Sick as F*ck For my High niGazz

nothing at of , which is

7. Que Va - Alex Sensation Ft Ozuna

Que Va - Alex Sensation Ft Ozuna

LINK DE DESCARGA : LINK DE DESCARGA : Redes Sociales GRACIAS POR EL APOYO Instagram - Facebook…_nax_wizard=true Youtube - Download for free on The Artist Union

nothing at of , which is

8. Anna of the North - Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix)(Free DL)

Anna of the North - Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix)(Free DL)

If you LIKE this song go throw it a HEART on HYPME via this link: FREE DOWNLOAD - Holy shit do we love a Free DL release! Anna and Little Dreamer were cool enough to allow us to give this baby away for Free so thank you ANNA and LD for being such a cool artists! Seriously though, Free Downloads bring us such joy! Nothing is worse than putting up a song that isnt available to you to DL... Drives us nuts.. Quickie From US- "So we discovered Anna of The North through one of our favorite music sites NME and the instant we heard it we were hooked. Its just such a fucking cool song and the production on it added such amazing layers of Incandescence... the song felt like it glowed and just oozed cool, we gotta use that word cool a lot cause it just feels so effortless and beautiful. So we reached out and asked for the chance to remix it and turns out just like the song Anna and Brady are just as cool... But for real this is one of the most fun times we had working on a remix. The song just lends itself so nicely to being reinterpreted.... Anyway check it out we sorta went with a more laidback vibe on this one like we did once upon a time on that Banks Remix we did... So light an L, cuddle up close to your girl or boy and enjoy this baby!" PS - Go buy Kanye! Quickie From US to all those ppl who will no doubt comment some BS about jumping on deep house train - "We will produce whatever the hell we feel like producing" SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST: ANNA OF THE NORTH Supported by Nylon, NME, Neon Gold and Pigeons and Planes... FUN FACTS: 1) Every time Alex sees Drew jump off something high during a show, he thinks how he wishes he could jump so high, but he is too scared that he might hurt himself... 2) The last time Alex cried was watching The Fault in Our Stars 3) Storm Chasing would be our profession if not for Music... 4) In Sweden students are paid 187.00/month to attend school... if they did that shit in the US that would be 187 spent on weed per month... MANAGEMENT: ADAM@DISRUPTORMGMT.COM BOOKING: BOOKINGS@THECHAINSMOKERS.COM INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US AT: Go LIKE our page:

nothing at of , which is

9. OMFG - Yeah

  • Published: 2015-04-02T17:19:29Z
  • By OMFG
OMFG - Yeah

Download: Spotify: Available on All Stores! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: @AlexSavageOMFG Instagram: @AlexSavageOMFG Tumblr: @AlexSavageOMFG Snapchat: @AlexSavageOMFG

nothing at of , which is

11. Old School Salsa Mix Vol 1

  • Published: 2012-07-22T18:49:17Z
  • By DJLeche
Old School Salsa Mix Vol 1

Copy/Copia del mix mandame un mensaje y te lo mando Old School Salsa mixed by DJ Leche ... Cover model: Betsy V Http://

nothing at of , which is

14. Ways (Original Mix)

Ways (Original Mix)

Click the [↻ Repost] button if you like it ! (: All rights reserved. Warner Music/Tonspiel/We-play-Music CONTACT: Bookings : For Promo write a email. Contact:

nothing at of , which is

15. Cash Cash - Take Me Home (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Cash Cash - Take Me Home (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Official Remix for Cash Cash via Atlantic Big Beat STREAM: Sorry guys, no free DL on this one from us… Label rules… and there is no I in Team, but there are three in millionaire…but it’s a great song so if you love it go and buy it, we wont see a dime of it anyway… Extended Edit Available at Beatport.... Quickie from us: "This is a great story, a mutual friend put us in touch with Cash Cash and they were literally wrapping up their remix package for their new single ‘Take me Home’ they said we had 3 days if we were interested to send some thing back and we had something we were proud of in 48 hours. The original tune was great, with awesome hi energy chords and amazing vocals by Bebe and a very evident upbeat feel to it that was irresistibly charming and we saw as a chance to show a different side of our production with a very happy house song so hopefully you all enjoy” Quickie from a random fan email we got: “In Ancient Greece, the heroes were the ones who were brave enough to steal the strongest people's shit. Take from your rivals. And trick the Gods. But mostly just steal necklaces, swords, shields, and goblets. The basic principle: you need strength for recklessness. Do the Chainsmokers have a modern equivalent?” .... best fan mail we have gotten yet... SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST: Cash Cash is super talented go check out their pages: @CashCash FUN FACT(s): 1) Alex had a dream last night that him and Deadmau5 were on a swim team together, but Alex was scared of lakes so we couldn’t compete in the camp meet and Drew refused to take his place…. (Alex is indeed scared of Lakes) 2) Shark Week sucks, We’ve been watching it for 10 years now and nothing changes, when are we going to see someone get eaten or find a real god damn megaladon shark 3) Limo’s make us car sick 4) Clubs with no a no hat no sneaker policy are stupid…very very stupid… INQUIRIES AND BOOKINGS CONTACT: ADAM@4AM.TV THECHAINSMOKERSOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW US AT: Go LIKE our page:

nothing at of , which is

16. Seu Olhar - Jorge e Mateus

  • Published: 2013-11-01T05:11:09Z
  • By Alex_Dias
Seu Olhar - Jorge e Mateus

Jorge e Mateus - Seu Olhar [Oficial] 2013 Música Nova Letra: Os pensamentos vão te buscar Em um um segundo encontrar, o sorriso que me encantou Rever o brilho dos teus olhos Me ensinou o que é o amor O Primeiro beijo ainda está na mente O seu cheiro ainda está presente em mim Parece que foi ontem que me conheceu E hoje é o meu amor E seu amor sou eu Me pede o mundo e eu dou me pede a lua e eu não vou negar... Não vou medir esforços Faço tudo que quiser pra te fazer feliz Não dá mais pra negar que eu me apaixonei Te amo agora, e pra sempre te amarei.

nothing at of , which is

17. Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)

Not Giving In (feat. John Newman & Alex Clare)

Download the track on iTunes: Buy the album 'Home' here:

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18. Blonde feat. Alex Newell : "All Cried Out" (The Magician Remix)

Blonde feat. Alex Newell :

Pre-order the All Cried Out EP, released April 26th from And you can Pre-order the original version here - Follow The Magician for more : Follow Blonde for more: @blondesound

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19. All Cried Out (feat. Alex Newell) (Extended Mix)

  • Published: 2015-02-13T19:49:42Z
  • By Blonde
All Cried Out (feat. Alex Newell) (Extended Mix)

Out now: Listen to the full track on Spotify: ♥ All Cried Out on @hypem Annie Mac Special Delivery 13/02/15 Forthcoming on @FFRR-Records Follow Blonde for more:

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