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1. Guitar Lesson: Intro to "Boxing Day" by Blink-182

Guitar Lesson: Intro to

4:08 for example. The verses to this song remind me of the first verse to "Allstar" by Smash Mouth and the chorus of "Here's To The Night" by Eve 6! By the way, should you choose to play...

2. Guitar Lesson: Ben Gibbard's "A Hard One to Know" (Live solo version)

Guitar Lesson: Ben Gibbard's

Skip to 8:35 to hear the arrangement in action.]] Testing out my new camera, the Canon Rebel T4i (with an 18-135mm EF-S IS STM Lens). Sorry for the background noise -- I forgot my amp...

4. Guitar Lesson: Glen Campbell - "Gentle On My Mind" (Live solo version)

Guitar Lesson: Glen Campbell -

"Gentle On My Mind" arrangement by Glen Campbell, as played on Indie 103.1FM.

5. Guitar Lesson: "Follow the Wind" by Ryan Spendlove

Guitar Lesson:

Lyrics / Chords: G major with walk-up / down I get the thrill whenever your there, No there aint anybody could ever compare I feel C major / G blessed to the bone just to G major to A...

6. Guitar Lesson: "The Bottom Line" by Ryan Spendlove

Guitar Lesson:

My first upload was one year ago this month: a video lesson on how to play "The Bottom Line" by the always amazing Ryan Spendlove. Unfortunately, the video I made was less than amazing, as...

7. Stratocaster Does Metal

Stratocaster Does Metal

Trying to learn the intro to Lamb of God's "Redneck". Fender Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster - Bareknuckle Sinner Bridge Pickup - Bullet Cable - Maxon OD9 (Clean Boost) - ISP Decimator...

8. Learn How to Play "Now We Can See" by The Thermals [Guitar Lesson / Tutorial]

Learn How to Play

Skip to 7:53 for example of riff. Guitar solo lesson video: Music video:

9. Guitar Cover / Backing Track: "Love and Some Verses" by Iron & Wine [Larrivee LSV-11 & Rode NT2-A]

Guitar Cover / Backing Track:

The song opens with two cycles of the main theme before the vocals come in. Sorry for the sloppy playing on the bridge; I learned this in a hurry. I'm putting it up so that fans and singers...

11. Guitar Lesson: "Forgive Forget" by Nicholas Barron

Guitar Lesson:

A lesson for this song: Skip to 4:24 to hear intro part. I forgot to mention the simplified F major chord that rarely comes up. I will call...

12. Learn How to Play "A Pillar of Salt" by The Thermals [Guitar Lesson / Tutorial]

Learn How to Play

2:20 for example of riff. Full song:

13. Guitar Lesson: Intro to "Brothers" by Brett Garsed / Beginners Hybrid Picking

Guitar Lesson: Intro to

Just a brief beginners hybrid picking lesson, set to the intro chords of hybrid picking master Brett Garsed's wonderful tune, "Brothers."

14. Guitar Lesson: "Waves of Galveston" by Iron & Wine (Live A.V. Club version) - 2013 NEW SONG!

Guitar Lesson:

Video of Sam's live performance:,93331/ (7:43 for sample) Here are the chords to the part I didn't explain in the video:...

15. Guitar Lesson: "Something New / From Bump to Buzz" by Tom Fletcher

Guitar Lesson: 2:20 for short example. Lyrics: It's just another sunrise on another day just another rainbow well they're all the same let me guess a sunset followed...

16. Learn How to Play "Coming Home" by Leon Bridges [Guitar Lesson / Tutorial]

Learn How to Play

Skip to 3:08 for the regular (non-simplified) lesson, starting with the Intro / Chorus part. Skip to 5:13 for an example of the chorus chord progression. Skip to 6:04 for an example of the...

17. Guitar Lesson: "I'm Just Me" by Diamond Rings (Live acoustic version)

Guitar Lesson:

How to play Diamond Rings / John O'Regan's acoustic arrangement of "I'm Just Me". Note: There is an initial "pre-chorus" that I forgot to discuss. It's just before the first chorus hits big....

18. How to Play "Filthy Luck" by Beach Slang on Guitar

How to Play

Skip to 0:27 for an example. Scroll down to the comments for the Lyrics / Chords! NPR Tiny Desk performance:

19. Blur - Song 2 [Drum Lesson - Part 1/3]

Blur - Song 2 [Drum Lesson - Part 1/3]

Here's a drum tutorial for "Song 2" by Blur. Sorry about the slight sync issue. YouTube doesn't like my Mac, even when I compress the video specifically for YouTube.

20. Guitar Lesson: "Put Me On" by Diamond Rings (Live acoustic version)

Guitar Lesson:

Diamond Rings' live acoustic performance: Here are the strumming patterns written out for reference... Intro / Verse: A minor Bass-down ... up-down-up G major...