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1. Kerri Chandler - Atmospheric Beats (Original Extended Version)

Kerri Chandler - Atmospheric Beats (Original Extended Version)

Timeless house record by Kerri Chandler for Ibadan Records. Scandalous! This record was produced by Kerri Chandler as start capital for Jerome Sydenham’s Ibadan label, but subsequently released and sold by another label to the tune of 40,000 copies without Chandler and Sydenham ever knowing. Resplendent with horns, lush strings and layered house beats, it is irrefutably timeless, taking its place among the most captivating dance tracks of past decades. Atmospheric Beats (Original Extended Version) Produced By: Kerri Chandler Mixed by: Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham Mixed at Kryptic Bass Monster Studio, NJ Special thanks to Shauna Slevin (p) & © 1999 IBADAN RECORDS. All rights reserved. Licensing:

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2. The System - You're in my System (Atmospheric Vocal)

The System - You're in my System (Atmospheric Vocal)

Two of Ibadan's usual suspects team up for one of the labels greatest moments. Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham bring an exceptional House flavor to NYC Band, The System. They've added new flavor with fresh and innovative production techniques to one of NYC most popular Synth/Pop outfits. 'You're In My System' is clear proof why. Kerri steps in to remix the track with four new versions. The A1, is the bearer of the You’re In My System (Atmospheric Vocal). A catchy Rhodes melody enters you into the system of what is soon to be taken over by a heartfelt Garage style male vocal. The A2, is a tried and true dub version of the original. However, the lack of vocals only puts more focus on the escalating and driving horn section. B1 gets bi-lingual for all our Latinos. "Estas en mi sistema!" Wrapping up this release on the B2, is Kerri's pure DJ version. Fully equipping, You’re In My System with juicy 909 hats and crackling snares while adding more emphasis to the bass line. An extended breakdown also creates an added element of suspense. This is New York House at its best. Feel good club music that puts a smile on your face and a little swing in your hips. (p) & © 1998 IBADAN RECORDS. All rights reserved. Licensing:

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3. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Sandcastles (Original 10" Mix)

Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Sandcastles (Original 10

The dream team of Ferrer and Sydenham fabricate yet another seminal track. Ferrer and Sydenham have been consistently knocking out superb stuff on Jerome’s Ibadan label for years. 'Sandcastles' keeps the streak going. The original 'Sandcastles' - with its sublime piano line coming into its own late in the mix after a lengthy lead in of subtle percussion, throbbing bass drums and stellar synth play. A warm and lush track that utilizes building beats that emit a piano line and finally a wall of synth strings, round this track off perfectly. Pressed up the same on both sides, as if he knew this one would get an extra amount of play. A confidence that can be traced back through the numerous amounts of seminal releases this man has had a watchful eye over. If there was an essential Ibadan release – and an argument can be made for many of them in some form or another – this would certainly be high up on the list.

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4. Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)

Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)

Second Installment of Ibadan’s Ten City reissues featuring rare Timmy Regisford Remix. Basically starting the label with a string of Ten City edits from the likes of Joe Claussell and Jerome Sydenham, it seems fitting that Ibadan would release the original tracks the way Byron Stingily, Byron Burke and Herb Lawson intended. Timmy Regisford's remix of, 'That's The Way Love Is', is an exception as it is not an original. A spine tingling good remix with a three-note string melody, pianos and absolutely brilliant arrangement, complete with proper horn, bass and piano solos. 'Deep Kiss', has a very contemporary vibe combining flutes, xylophones and modern House beats with Byron's crooning about the best way to get your lips wet. His vocals are quite sparse on this particular release, used mainly to create an atmosphere while the instrumentation takes center stage. There is one thing we all want in a relationship; Devotion. Ten City give it to you through their music and especially with, 'Devotion'. Byron tells a story of someone who will always be there, while Herb's Funk guitar licks and Rhodes piano stabs fill in the gaps. Ten City's music is House that carries more emotion and feeling than most tracks of their era and certainly way more than most current music. A reason they have the legendary status among today's House pioneers and students.

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5. The Songstress - See Line Woman (Vocal)

The Songstress - See Line Woman (Vocal)

Iconic diva, Nina Simone, gets the remix treatment from Kerri and Jerome. ‘See Line Woman’, is a record as seductive and enchanting as its namesake. Written by George H. Bass and performed by Nina Simone in the early 70s, the story of a tantalizing, high-class black hooker became the foundation of a 90s house record, with tight production by Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler and the addition of contemporary drums and keys. This bootleg, later cleared for official release, regularly brought down the house with its spellbinding groove and lyrical hook: “Empty his pockets, wreck his days/Make him love her and she’ll fly away.” Written by: George H. Bass. Published by: Sam Fox Publishing Corp. Produced by: Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham. (p) 1997, IBADAN RECORDS. All rights reserved. Licensing:

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6. Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere (Jerome's Runaway Dub)

Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere (Jerome's Runaway Dub)

Dub remixes of one of Ibadan's greatest moments from Jerome and Kerri. 'You're In My System' from The System a.k.a Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler, is one of the most recognized Ibadan releases. The sultry males vocals, pristine beats and perfect arrangement make it one of the most sought after releases in the catalog. Although these both appear on the original 12”, these re-mastered maxi versions are still essential. Kerri's Foundation Dub is a tried and true instrumental version of the original. However, the lack of vocals only puts more focus on the uplifting, escalating and driving horn section. On the flip Kerri and Jerome's pure DJ version 'Jerome's Runaway Dub' is fully equipped with juicy 909 hats and crackling snares while adding more emphasis to the bass line through extra notes and a grittier analog feel layered on top. An extended breakdown also creates an added element of suspense. Two solid mixes for the DJ's that are after a piece of House history. Producers: Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler Edits and Arrangement: Dennis Ferrer (p) & © 1998 IBADAN RECORDS. All rights reserved. Licensing:

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7. Flora Cruz - Let the Sunshine Out (Jerome Sydenham's Vocal Dub)

Flora Cruz - Let the Sunshine Out (Jerome Sydenham's Vocal Dub)

Ibadan Records presents this stunning vocal track "Let the Sunshine Out" by Flora Cruz with remixes by Jerome Sydenham. This stunning vocal track by Flora Cruz is nothing short of inspiring. Jerome Sydenham shows his versatility yet again by delivering an uplifting full vocal mix, a raw and energetic vocal dub and last but not least a raw grinding dubstrumental. The result is a deep, well rounded and most satisfying 12" single in the true tradition of Ibadan Records. Lead vocals by Flora Cruz. Background vocals by Flora Cruz, Jospehine Garcia, and Francisco (ala) Garcia. Produced by Adam Cruz. Remix and additional production by Jerome Sydenham. Written by Adam Cruz and Flora Cruz. Published by Mix Tape Sessions Music & Flora Marie Rodriguez (ASCAP) (P) & (C) Ibadan Records, 2008.

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8. Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler - Rising The Sun

Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler - Rising The Sun

Only someone with Jerome Sydenham's unique background could have founded a record label as innovative as Ibadan Recordings. He was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria to an English father and Jamaican mother and schooled in his teens in England before emigrating to New York City in the early 80's. Sydenham's work today is largely influenced by the cultural diversity of his upbringing and has echoes of a musical history that spans indigenous African and contemporary western music. One of the many artists who benefited from Sydenham's artistic direction was New Jersey based Kerri Chandler. In 1991, Sydenham was part of the A&R team that signed Chandler's debut single "SuperLover/Get it Off", to Atlantic Records and the rest is house music history. Chandler is now acknowledged as one of the original creators of the deep house sound and his bass lines are legendary. Sydenham and Chandler's ambitions fused creatively with the inception of the Ibadan imprint six years ago. Saturday represents the culmination of their shared experience as music makers, party animals and fathers. Sydenham takes artistic control of the repertoire with an album that reflects the breadth of his musical interests. Chandler acts as a flawless technician, refining and making sense of a wide range of ideas. The record, a well rounded full length, has something for everyone. It combines simple, deep, electronic tracks (Rising the Sun and Winter’s Blessing) with elegant acoustic arrangements (Aro and Deconstructed House). Congolese vocalist Alain Nkosi Konda joins Cameroonian guitarist Dominique Kanza on the mammoth "Ko Ko" produced by Sydenham and Dennis Ferrer of Sfere Records. Sydenham and Ferrer follow up with multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Jania on "Deconstructed House", a funky, Brazillian hybrid of influences. Saturday also benefits from a significant input by local New York jazz luminaries. Guests include bassist Tarus Mateen and keyboard player Brian Mitchell. Reviews "Perfect sunny afternoon music for midnight groovers" (Urb) "A gorgeous release, full of variety and originality, and one that grows and gleams more on every listen" (Wax Magazine) "An embarrassment of riches? An album that fully deserves to be hyped to the max" (Jockey Slut)

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9. Ten City - Right Back To You

Ten City - Right Back To You

Vol. three of Ibadan's Ten City reissue series, hits hard with two House eruptions from the Chi-Town trio. The Ibadan label was heavily supported on the strength of quality Ten City releases which helped to get the then fledgling label immediate notoriety. Reissues of these classic songs in their original form and in their entirety are an honor and a pleasure for Ibadan family to present once again. 'My Piece Of Heaven' is one of Ten City's most popular tracks. Produced by David Morales, it is instantly recognizable by the backing vocals and the "hallelujah" organ solo. That Marshall Jefferson bass is so infectious. From the onset of the track it grabs tight of your waist and won’t let go. 808 sticks and skipping beats make this one of the more rugged Ten City records. Jefferson’s piano adds a steady basis for Byron Stingily to lay down his falsetto vocals. Two producers, three musicians and one great label; an equation for timeless, tasteful and quality House music.

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10. Ibadan Records Classics

Ibadan Records Classics

Some jams from the Ibadan Records Classics Visit our Ibadan store here:

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11. IRC133 - Fred P - Energy Soul (12") [Teaser]

IRC133 - Fred P - Energy Soul (12

A. Energy Soul B. Visions Enter center stage is Fred P, the undisputed master of subtle four to the floor Soul and Tech infused House. We are proud to present his Ibadan Records debut single "Energy Soul" and "Visions". The New York connoisseur delivers with futuristic conviction and his fire burns bright. Written and Produced By Fred Peterkin Publishing: Lush Culture Recordings (ASCAP) © 2015 Fred Peterkin. (P) 2015 Ibadan Records. All rights reserved Licensing: More info on Ibadan Records:

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12. Ten City - My Peace Of Heaven (David Morales Extended Mix)

Ten City - My Peace Of Heaven (David Morales Extended Mix)

An album of Old-School Soul with that Chicago early House bump! When Byron Stingily, Byron Burke and Herb Lawson got together to form Ten City in 1985, they created a legendary and revolutionary group. By introducing live music and songwriting into an electronic sound that was then at a nascent stage, they helped set the scene for the development of vocal Chicago house. This compilation presents 10 of Ten City's best tunes from over the years, spanning their early Atlantic years and beyond with massive singles like "Devotion" (from their debut album Foundation, co-produced with Marshall Jefferson) and evergreen classic "That's The Way Love Is" which managed to get into the UK top 10. Elsewhere, cuts such as "Right Back To You", "Whatever Makes You Happy", "Deep Kiss", "Suspicious", "My Peace Of Heaven", "All Loved Out" and "Nothing's Changed" all highlight the band's way with arrangements and knack of writing catchy and spiritual tunes. Many of the tracks featured are rare demo versions and extended remixes previously only available on vinyl, and there's a couple of remixes from veterans Joe Claussell and Kerri Chandler that help bring some material up to date. This is a truly essential snapshot of a truly influential band. --Paul Sullivan for

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13. Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo (Demo Version)

Joe Claussell -  Je Ka Jo (Demo Version)

'Je Ka Jo (Demo Version)' from the forthcoming LANGUAGE LP where percussion lover Joe Claussell showcases his very special brand of organic Deep House once again. With a brother – José Claussell - who is an acclaimed percussionist, composer and drummer, it is not really hard to tell where Joe Claussell gets much of his inspiration. A product of the 90’s NYC metropolitan music scene, who has overseen or been involved in some of the most notable Afro-Latin House records of that era and still today. Je Ka Jo', explores these Afro-Latin roots and digs them right up out of the ground with the rhythmic beating of a myriad of drum instruments knocking along in harmony with a the strings from a comforting violin. Three note Funk guitar lick come in to seal it all together. Another exceptional House record from Joe Claussell courtesy of Ibadan, to quench the thirst of those who like their music with a little bit more flavor. (p) & © 1999 IBADAN RECORDS. All rights reserved. Licensing:

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14. Vinyl Market Playlist 2018 (Ibadan Records & Sub-labels)

Vinyl Market Playlist 2018 (Ibadan Records & Sub-labels)

Our collection of available vinyl for vinyl markets. Find us at the next record fair: Hope to see you there, The Ibadan Records Team

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15. Jerome Sydenham - Focus on Ibadan Records (Doce Pulgadas)

Jerome Sydenham - Focus on Ibadan Records (Doce Pulgadas)

Jerome Sydenham - Focus on Ibadan Records (Doce Pulgadas) New month and for Doce Pulgadas a new Focus On ... On this occasion the legendary New York label Ibadan Records led by Jerome Sydenham. Founded in 1995 to fulfill of Sydenham’s search for an outlet for his own creative and entrepreneurial skills. The label recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary in 2010; while also reaching over 100 releases to date under the imprint’s motto: A higher quality experience in music. Label founder Jerome Sydenham’s artistic ambitions for Ibadan Records couldn’t be clearer. From the earliest years of acoustic, afro-tinged house to the Pan-African Electro of the 10″ series, to more recent explorations into Techno and Tech House, the sound of Ibadan has always pioneered new directions in dance music. Over the years, Ibadan Records has had countless of iconic releases of critical acclaim, including Joe Claussell’s compilation Language in 1999, which features productions by Claussell, Sydenham, Chandler, Marc Cary and Dele Sosimi. On release considered today as a milestone in Deep House. Among the latest endeavors for Ibadan is the launch of two new label imprints; Apotek Records and Avocado Records, created to push the boundaries of Techno. Tracklist: 1. Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw [Ibadan Records] 2. Jerome Sydenham, Tiger Stripes - Elevation (Radio Slave's Panorama Garage Remix) 3. Ferrer & Syenham Inc. - Sandcastles (Pete Heller Re-Edit) [Ibadan Records] 4. Jerome Sydenham, Katsuya Sano - Seed [Ibadan Records] 5. Jerome Sydenham, Katsuya Sano - Mud Sweat [Ibadan Records] 6. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - The Back Door [Ibadan Records] 7. Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler - 36 Degrees (Tokyo Dub) [Ibadan Records] 8. Mission Control - Outta Limits [Ibadan Records] 9. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Beats) [Ibadan Records] 10. Jerome Sydenham - Free Love feat. Katsuya Sano [Ibadan Records] 11. The Songstress - See Line Woman (Vocal) [Ibadan Records] In this Focus also enjoy: Aschka : Sylvie Forêt: Quell: Broadcast on: (Spain) (All Latin America) (Spain) (Argentina) (Australia) (Grecee) (Uk-Japan) (Grecee) (Spain) (Peru) (France) (Germany) (Hungary) (Argentina, Venezuela) (Spain)

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16. Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw

Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw

Dennis Ferrer does his magic with another soul production combined with Jerome Sydenham on the mix. The result being another timeless underground classic. Please be prepared. Written and produced by Dennis Ferrer. Mixed and arranged by Jerome Sydenham. Number 2 in TIME OUT (New York)'s Best of the Year 2005. Bruce Tantum wrote: Ferrer, along with Ibadan head honcho Jerome Sydenham, was also responsible for one of 2004's top house-music singles with the ubiquitous "Sandcastles". The bautiful "Son of Raw" outdoes even that epic stomper; the track is simultaneous depp, techy, jazzy and driving. When the joyous vocal sample drops at the six-minute mark, dance floors go berserk.

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17. Jerome Sydenham - "Congo"

Jerome Sydenham -

Cat No: APT005_B Artist: Jerome Sydenham Title: Congo ISRC: DEDL80800776 Jerome Sydenham dons his Techno hat to express his interpretation of the Heart of Darkness in “Congo”. Big kicks, punchy bass lines and a deep house hook make “Congo” not only fresh in Sydenham’s production approach but also very accessible to all those who are Tech inclined.

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18. Jerome Sydenham & Mikael Nordgren - Stockholm Go Bang (Club Mix)

Jerome Sydenham & Mikael Nordgren - Stockholm Go Bang (Club Mix)

Sydenham and Nordgren pull down the boarders of House with an epic atmospheric composition that is sure to get into your ear and under your skin. With a slight air of "jaguar" and plenty of detroit attitude, "Stockholm Go-Bang!" seems more a product of the motor city than scandanavia - oh and it's on a new york label. regardless of origin and influence this is a building slice of sublime organic techno / house, with soaring strings and subtle bongo's making it a sure fire summer smasher

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19. Ibadan Records Previews

Ibadan Records Previews

Some of the Ibadan Records catalogue. Our vinyl shop:

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